BION Pressure Relief Mattress, V4.5
Clear Labels and Waterproof Mattress Cover
Removable Mattress Cover and Secure Zippers
Thick Reliable Tubings and Secure Connectors with Cover Sling
Black Tubing Cover and Secure Mattress Tubes
Mattress Tubes Securing Rings, Mattress tubes Securing Buttons
Secure Connectors, Rubber O-rings to Prevent Air Leakage
BION Air Mattress Pump, Adjustable According to User's Weight
Fasteners, Emergency Safety Latch for CPR, Replacement Parts

BION Pressure Relief Mattress, V4.5

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BION Anti-Bedsore Mattress pumps air in an alternating fashion, great for patients who stays in bed for an extended period of time, or suffering from stage 1 & 2 pressure sore. User friendly setup and installations are as simple as plugging it in, turn the knob and press the on switch.


  • Clear Labels
  • Secure Zippers
  • Black Tubing Cover
  • Secure Mattress Tubes
  • Thick Reliable Tubes
  • Waterproof Mattress Cover
  • Removable Mattress Cover
  • Fasteners to Secure to Bed
  • Emergency Safety Latch for CPR
  • Secure Connection with Cover Sling
  • Mattress Tubes Securing Rings and Buttons
  • Secure and Airtight Connection with Motor
  • BION Air Mattress Pump with Stand and Adjustable Pressure According to User's Weight
  • Repair Kit