BION Anti-Bedsore Mattress V2.5
Alternating Inflation System, Secure Tubing
Easy to Use Airpressure Motor with Visble User Instructions
BION Anti-Bedsore Mattress V2.5 Repair Kit
BION Anti-Bedsore Mattress V2.5 Box

BION Anti-Bedsore Mattress V2.5

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BION Anti-Bedsore Mattress pumps air in an alternating fashion, great for patients who stays in bed for an extended period of time, or suffering from stage 1 pressure sore. User friendly setup and installations are as simple as plugging it in, turn the knob and press the on switch.


  • Alternating Inflation System
  • Secure Tubing
  • Easy to Use Air Pressure Motor with Visible User Instructions
  • Repair Kit


  • Prevention of stage 1 pressure sore
  • Control Knob: Adjust comfort range (8 levels)
  • Mattress Dimension: 189 x 90 x 7cm
  • Maximum weight capacity: 135kg