Silprene Knee Stabilizer
Silprene Knee Stabilizer
Silprene Material, Silde Silicone Pads and Anterior Adjustable Straps
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BODYVINE Silprene Knee Stabilizer


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Silprene Knee Stabilizer

  • Made of Bodyvine’s patent pending Silprene-F material, a low profile but strong and elastic silicone sandwiched material.
  • The cooperation of Silprene-F™ material and adjustable design allows the brace to be snugly fit over the knee area with energizing compression and support.
  • The medial and lateral side silicone pads provide good medial and lateral knee stability.
  • The anterior adjustable straps at top and bottom help stabilize the patella.

As far as usage on human body is concern, the common drawbacks of traditional Neoprene are bulkiness, body heat retained and some allergic skin reactions were reported previously.  In compared to standard Neoprene (thickness: 2.54mm), standard Silprene™ (with 0.35mm silicone gel) is much thinner while it can provide better elasticity and better resilience.  See below properties test reports.  Therefore, Silprene™ can reduce the bulkiness problem of Neoprene and allow body joints a better range of motion. Moreover, it could also provide a better fit around the anatomical structure of human body due to its character of both higher elasticity and thinner thickness. With all the advantages of Silprene™, such as thinner, higher elasticity and better resilience, allergy resistant, it is certainly more comfortable to wear than products made of Neoprene.

About Knee Support

This knee support is made of Bodyvine’s patent pending Silprene™ material , a low profile but strong and elastic silicone sandwiched material.  The cooperation of Silprene material and adjustable design provides snugly fit to the knee area with energizing compression and support.  2 silicone side pads provide good medial and lateral knee stability.  The anterior adjustable straps at top and bottom help stabilize the patella.   Perfect for knee related injuries such as knee instability, strain, sprain and pain.

Care Instructions

Hand wash with mild soap in cool or warm (not hot) water. Rinse well and air dry at cool place. DO NOT: machine wash, tumble dry, dry clean, or use bleach or fabric softeners. 


If you have diabetic or poor circulation, please consult your doctor before using the product. If in any time soreness, rash or an increase in pain occurs, discontinue use and consult your physician. 


Fabric: 51% Nylon, 9% Spandex, 40% Polyester
Gel: 100% Silicone