Bion, Standard Wheelchair
Folded View
Front View
Side View
Back View
Attendant Brake & Cushioned Armrest
Durable Canvas Upholstery & Rear Pouch
Solid Rubber Tyres & User Brakes
Safety Belt & High Quality Castors
Adjustable Footrests with Ankle Strap

Bion, Standard Wheelchair


Regular price RM349.00 MYR

BION Standard Wheelchair is our standard economical wheelchair. It is lightweight with a strong sturdy frame with most basic wheelchair functionality. 


  • User Brakes
  • Rear Pouch
  • Attendant Brakes
  • Cushioned Armrest
  • Solid Rubber Tyres
  • High Quality Castors
  • Durable Canvas Upholstery
  • A Quality Singapore Product
  • Adjustable Footrests with Ankle Strap