BION Lightweight Elevating Wheelchair
Elevating Wheelchair Features
Elevating Wheelchair Folded View
Elevating Wheelchair  side view
Elevating Wheelchair Front View
Elevating Wheelchair Back View
Solid PU Tyres & Aluminium Hand Rims
Attendant Brake and User Brakes
Rear Pouch and Removable Seat Cover
High Quality Castors & Tipper
PU Armrest & Foldable Backrest
BION Lightweight Elevating Wheelchair
Flip-up Armrests and Elevating Footrests with Calf Pads

BION Lightweight Elevating Wheelchair


Regular price RM1,440.00 MYR Sale price RM1,296.00 MYR

BION Lightweight Elevating Wheelchair is one of our Elevating Series. The most defining feature is its elevating legrests, suitable for patients with leg and knee injuries, and are required to keep their leg elevated. The detachable leg rests and the flip-up armrests encourages side transfers, great for immobilized patients who requires additional assistance.


  • Solid PU Tyres
  • Aluminium Hand Rims
  • Attendant Brakes
  • User Brakes
  • Removable Seat Cover
  • Rear Pouch
  • High Quality Casters
  • Tippers
  • Foldable Backrests
  • PU Armrests
  • Safety Belt
  • Canvas Upholstery
  • Flip-up Armrests
  • Elevating Leg rests with Calf Pads