BION Detac Recliner Wheelchair
Wheelchair with Parts Labelled
Wheelchair Folded Profile with Specifications
Wheelchair Front Profile
Wheelchair Back Profile
Wheelchair Side View
Wheelchair Side Profile Fully Reclined
Protective Side Panels and Detachable, Height Adjustable Armrests
Attendant Brakes and User Brakes with Replaceable Brake Pads
Removable Seat Cover and Removable Backrest Cover
Height Adjustable Head Rest and PVC Upholstery
Calf Pads and Height Adjustable Footrests
Seat Belts and Anti-Tippers
Grooved Hand Rims, Solid Front Wheels and Detachable Legrests

BION Detac Recliner Wheelchair


Regular price RM2,486.00 MYR Sale price RM2,237.40 MYR

BION Detac Recliner Wheelchair is part of our Recliner Series. It is designed for patients who will use it for a long period of time and doesn't have much strength to move on their own. The reclining feature coupled with elevating footrest allows users to change the body angle without much hassle and to prevent bedsores. The side armrests are removable for easy patient transfer.


  • Protective side panels
  • Detachable height adjustable armrests
  • Attendant brakes
  • User brakes with replaceable brake pads
  • Removable backrest cover
  • Removable seat cover
  • Height adjustable head rest
  • PVC upholstery 
  • Calf pads
  • Height adjustable footrests
  • Seat belts
  • Anti-tippers
  • Grooved hand rims
  • Solid front wheels
  • Detachable leg rests