Why is my Heatlax Heating Pad not “hot enough”

You might have noticed that your heating pad becomes “less hot” after a while. Does it mean that the heating pad is faulty? While we cannot assure you that everything will always work perfectly, we can help you understand a bit more about how it works.

Parts of the heating pad

How BION Heatlax Heating Pad works

Heating pad works by its insulated wire (heating pad PVC) that is inserted into the cosy fabric that heats when it is plugged into an electric source. The heating pad PVC is a temperature control unit that manages the amount of electric current entering the heat elements of the heating pad.  

The temperature of the heating pad can be controlled by the controller. Users can control the temperature of the heating pad by the temperature setting buttons.  

Heating Pad is not “hot enough”

Sometimes you will notice that your heating pad is not "hot enough", or it did not heat-up as quickly as you wish it could.

There could be 3 possibilities under these circumstances.

1. The actual temperature could be different from the real feel.

Many different factors such as clothing, ambient conditions could determine how the temperature feels. The cooler the surrounding, the more likely the heat will dissipate. To resolve this problem, you might try covering yourself with a blanket to trap the hot air.

2. The heat conductivity of fabric cover’s material 

While the soft, comfy material of the fabric cover brings soothing comfort to your skin, the drawback of the material is that it takes a longer time for heat to travel to your skin. Essentially, this material also provides soothing comfort and prevents you from getting burnt. When you touch the heated 65 °C air, you will not get burnt, but when you touch 65 °C PVC heating Pad, you will get burnt. Therefore, the heating pads (with fabric cover) do not feel so hot in one touch, as it takes time to heat up. 

3. Heating pad could have been switch off automatically after 90 mins.

To prevent overheating, the heating pad will be automatically switched off after 90 mins.

Why there is a limit to heat level?

Many of our users (especially the older folks) had feedback to us and told us how they wished that the heating pad would be “hotter” as it feels really good. However, we do not recommend the temperature to be overly warm (going beyond 65 °C), as it could cause skin burn.

Studies have shown that a temperature of 52°C (125 degrees F) can cause a full-thickness skin burn in 2 minutes and a temperature of 54 °C (130 degrees F) can result in a full-thickness skin burn in 30 seconds."

Health Benefits of the Heating Pad

Heat therapy could provide both pain relief and healing benefits of many types of pain. The following are some of the benefits of heat therapy.

  • Reduce muscle tension and stiffness
  • Improve blood circulation by relaxing knotted veins, thus reducing inflammation and pain
  • Good blood flow flushes toxins from your body

How to use the BION Heatlax Heating Pad

Follow these simple steps.

  1. Insert the power plug into your electrical mains.
  2. The auto-off indicator light will illuminate shortly and “8” will appear for an instance on the digital display.
  3. Fasten the device at your desired body location with the aid of the elastic securing straps (and the centre Velcro strip if securing on knee).
  4. Press the on/off button to switch on the device. “1” will appear on the digital display. After a few minutes you will be able to feel the heating pad getting noticeably warmer. If you require a higher temperature setting, press the button repeatedly and the temperature setting will circulate from settings “1” to “6”. Temperature setting of “6” is the hottest (up to 65 degrees).
  5. The device will switch off automatically after 90 minutes. The auto-off indicator light will illuminate.
  6. Press the on/off button to switch off device.
  7. Unplug the device from the electrical mains after you have finished using it.

Ways to wear the Heating Pad

  • Wrap the heating pad around your back


  • Wrap the heating pad around your leg


  • Wrap the heating pad around your neck

Safety tips and precautions

Heating Pads can also be dangerous when used improperly. Here are a few safety tips to help you avoid getting injured.

    • Do not touch or place the heating pad PVC directly on your skin
    • Do not fall asleep while using a heating pad
    • Do not apply a heating pad to damaged skin
    • Do not use a heating pad that has a broken or cracked electrical cord
    • Start on the lowest level and slowly increase the heat intensity.
    • Allow the device to cool down for 10 minutes after 90 minutes to prevent it from being overheated

The bottom line

Heat therapy offers a multitude of health benefits to your body. It is a must-have especially during monsoon and cold seasons. It should however only feel warm on the skin and not burning hot, and remember, never to touch or use the heating Pad PVC without the fabric cover.  

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